Form Follows Function

At Infinity Design Group, we believe that form follows function. This means that the purpose of a space should be the starting point for its design.  This principle guides us in our design process and is intrinsic to the success of our projects.  The intention of the space is the primary question we must be able to answer when creating outdoor living designs.  The client plays an integral role in the design process from the starting point. We will work collaboratively to understand the function of the space.

The client can tell us who the users are, and how many will typically occupy an outdoor living space, when an area will be used, and how often.  Answers to these questions will lead to designing with proper proportions and dimensions.  It will also guide us to providing adequate screening (plantings), security (fencing/gates/walls), and safety (lighting/circulation/accessibility) for an outdoor living space, as well as, providing the proper amount of accommodations (parking/site furnishings/equipment).

Through comprehensive, collaborative, and thoughtful planning, Infinity Design Group can help you with all of your outdoor living designs including:

  • pools
  • spas
  • ponds
  • walls
  • fences
  • masonry
  • hardscape
  • metal or wood construction
  • lighting
  • furnishings
  • pergolas
  • arbors
  • planting and gardens
  • outdoor kitchens
  • fire pits
  • fireplaces
  • putting greens
  • sports courts
  • pool houses
  • garden sheds
  • observatories
  • gazebos

At Infinity Design Group, we believe that the outdoor living space is an extension of indoor living spaces.  Designing alongside Building Architects on new construction projects from the onset of the planning process allows us to create seamless transitions between the interior and exterior of a building.  Our objective is to help create and bring to fruition the most functional outdoor living designs which aim to meet the needs of our clients and exceed their goals.  Contact our team today and start enjoying your outdoor area to its fullest potential!

Client Testimonial

“With Patrick’s help, we exceeded our project goals. During the planning and construction process, he always spoke up if he believed we were making an uninformed decision; he never just “yessed” us. He was comfortable moving forward with our directive as long as he was given the opportunity to explain pros and cons of all our options.”

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