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At Infinity Design Group, we engage in site inventory and analysis as the first step in our site engineering and planning process. Our goal is to create a landscape design where existing conditions, project requirements, and improvement goals are all considered to determine the ideal organization of land use. The process entails a deep understanding of the land itself. Considerations include:

  • Access
  • Circulation
  • Privacy
  • Security
  • Exposure
  • Drainage
  • Topography
  • and a host of other factors

A Landscape Architect is instrumental when deciding the best use of the land. We will take an inventory of the existing site and analyze the conditions. The compositional elements of landform such as buildings, paving, plantings, and infrastructure, etc. all need to be considered in the site plan. These elements are crucial to the success of a project. Our team of experts is well versed and communicative; we will guide you through the complexity of this process.

Site Engineering refers to planning and coordination of construction projects at the early design stages. We also provide oversight and input on technical aspects during the construction process. Landscape Architects, Building Architects, and Engineers should collaborate from the onset of a project to seamlessly blend project requirements related to permitting, zoning, utilities infrastructure, etc. with existing site conditions and proposed site improvements.

How does IDG assist with design Septic System Design?

The landscape architect should review the site and suggest the location of the test pits before digging. Generally, the location of the test pits for the water table and perc tests will determine where the system will be located. If uninformed, there may be a huge and very negative impact on the landscape. Changing the location and design after approval can take months and be costly. A Landscape Architect will guide the client through the process and ensure that the septic system will not hinder your landscape.

How does IDG assist with CRMC, DEM or DEP permits for construction?

We are informed and experienced with working around sensitive environments such as the coastline and wetlands. Often, permitting requires some level of planning to be performed by licensed professionals such as a landscape architect or an engineer.

How does IDG assist with Soil Erosion and Sediment Control Plans?

In most municipalities, new building construction requires a SESC Plan in order to receive a building permit to commence construction. This type of plan includes proposed site grading, site drainage, and stormwater management. The Landscape Architect should design the proposed site grading for any site as they are the professional responsible for advising on the location of many of the site improvements, e.g., circulation, hardscape, water features, recreation lawns, plantings, etc.

A proposed grading plan prepared by an Engineer before the Landscape Architect has provided input may have a huge and very negative impact on the finished landscape. Changing the design after approval takes time and incurs unnecessary additional costs. Without a clear understanding of the entirety of a proposed project via a landscape master plan, a previously completed SESC Plan/Grading Plan will most certainly fall short on optimal functionality and aesthetics.

Client Testimonial

“I’m a landscape contractor who’s collaborated and built projects with Infinity Design Group for many years. Their construction plans are always extremely detailed and accurate making field layout and execution much easier and expedient for me and my crews.”

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